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What's The Meaning Of Life


Philosophy Page
Philosophy Page

First contact comes from Adam Wood his input :Pizza and beer and women.

Next comes the input of LilyLuck with : The meaning of Life? It's simple - to make this world a dwelling place for God.

Pam Rogers says - I believe that there is no inherent meaning to life. This can be seen in either a negative or positive light. One can mourn the loss of security that comes from the conviction that you know the driver of the bus and are assured of his loving intentions, or one can see life as a blank canvas. We are the artists. We are holding the brush and the palette. The style and colors of our own lives can be taken on by the choices we make and the lives we lead.

Thypres states: The meaning of life has nothing to do with God. By the way wasent Lucifer supposed to come riding in on a pale horse right about now? Well the 2000 year window is about to close, so he better hurry up if the bible is to hold any power over the simple minded. The true meaning of life has to do with living your life as best you can. Having the most fun, and helping out as many people as you can. The world is ours while we live and breath upon it, so wake up and take charge of your life.

K Joh 609983 says: I believe the meaning of life is God's love. God wants us to love everyone including ourselves and once we obtain this love and seek God first in everything we do the meaning of life thereafter will become more clearer.

RVUNIVERSE says: How confusing is this question. I go from knowing to not being so certain. Theory number one is that we are here to experience, to experience what we choose to experience. To experience love, happiness, sorrow and pain. To experience overcoming sorrow and pain. To experience sharing and greed. So to sum it up we are hear to experience pleasure to seek pleasure which ultimately is measured by the moments when we dont have it. The other theory is that we have absoultely no clue until we reach the point we are supposed to, if there is a point, however how could there not be, does`nt everything look like it does although we hate to admit it.

Simon_Champion has this to say: Momma always told me "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get next."
This is why I dont think its our place to judge the meaning of life, this is God's love. God is the meaning of life. When we truly discover him we will discover ourselves as well. When God believes we are ready to understand, we will understand. Amen brother.

LAHSTigers03 says: Life to me is a form of art, everything people do in life is some kind of art.

J.Schultz-Lloyd has this input: We all know that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42!, but the meaning of life is something much more simple. The meaning of life is to go forth and multiplie. Like it says in the Bible and of course have as much fun as possible doing it.

Tania Mercedes Hernandez states: The meaning of life is to engage in a search for a connection between your spirit's desires and the reality of your existence.